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Infinit Nutrition for 10% off orders. 

INFINIT is the world's only 100% all-natural custom sports fuel company.

INFINIT allows you to customize your nutrition for your body size, activity, sweat rate and more, and make it taste exactly how you like it. Each blend is handcrafted and designed to meet an athlete's unique needs. In a world of one size fits all nutritional products, INFINIT tailors formulations specifically for the individual and their personal goals.


We back everything with the INFINIT Guarantee. If in the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, we will re-formulate your blend or refund your money. It’s that simple.


One Drink. INFINIT Possibilities.

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KTC Member Benefits

60% OFF selected wetsuits and wetsuit products. XTERRA WETSUITS was born in San Diego- the birthplace of triathlon. With unparalleled design, we strive to offer the highest performing triathlon wetsuit at the best value. As a global leader in triathlon wetsuits, XTERRA WETSUITS provides speed, comfort, durability and buoyancy for dedicated triathletes.


Zealios Body Products

Hair, body, sunscreen, chamois cream, Sun Barrier and, muscle relief

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Everything we do is derived from the mindset of the athlete. Our products are made for those pushing to the extremes of physical limits and who demand the same from their products. Athletes should focus on their performance, not their skin and hair products.


KTC Member Benefits

25% OFF wheels for 2020.  Each wheel we hand-build at Rolf Prima starts with a carefully engineered design and the best materials and custom-spec parts. Then we beat the hell out of them.
Machine testing to ensure lasting durability. Aerodynamic testing to reduce drag. Field-testing by riders who might do a quarter-mile faster-than your old Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.
You could say we thought the process through. But it's not just the process and materials. It's the people we go to work with every day in Eugene, Oregon. 
No, we're not wheel manufacturers. We are all cyclists. We are craftsmen. We are perfectionists. We build the best wheels in the business because we're doing what we love—both in the shop and on the road or trail.  What can we build for you?


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