Don’t Mess With The Best

I had always wanted to try racing in a triathlon, but was always a bit intimidated by the sport. Conversations with athletes always seem to focus on the challenges and complexities of triathlons, but then I met Coach Fon and the KTC. Coach Fon, has a passion for the sport and always focuses on the positive aspects. Since working with Coach Fon, I have gone from an intimidated newbie, to competing in 70.3 distance triathlons in less than 5:20. Coach Fon creates challenging workouts that push me to be better, keeps me motivated and makes sure I stay focused on my goals. The KTC group Coach Fon has created provides for a fun, positive group training environment and a great support system that helps keep me motivated and focused. My goals now are to complete a HIM in less than 5 hours and ultimately complete a full Ironman. I know working with Coach Fon my goals are well within reach!


Before I met Coach Fon and worked out with KTC, I struggled in races, resulting in finishing in the bottom half and usually sore and beaten down. But with the motivation and guidance of Coach Fon, I was able to achieve significant gains, setting new PR in bike (20mph+) and run (8:40pace) and placing in the top 30% during my recent Olympic Triathlon.  Coach Fon creates good balance of creating motivation, impactful workout routines, holistic approach and friendly competitive environment that pushes you hard but does not beat you up during the process.  Coach Fon and the friendly members of KTC will help me achieve my goal of being in the top 10% and ultimately Podium finish.  Thanks Coach Fon and KTC athletes!


“I started working with Coach Fon over a month ago and I have found a person who is dedicated, knowledgeable and cares about all her athletes. Her training approach is specifically designed for each athlete needs and she will make sure to provide you with all the tools for you to succeed. Coach Fon's training has helped me win my most recent race.


I have always wanted to do some sort of triathlon training as it is a great way for injury prevention. I had never really swam before until Coach Fon taught me proper swimming form and techniques to improve my swim. Coach Fon, has helped me in numerous ways and every week I have PR'd in my swim sprints. Beginning with my first ever 50m(57s) over the last 5 weeks I have dropped my time by 17 seconds (40s) and swam a 1:37 100m for my first time. Furthermore, the longest bike ride I had ever gone was 8 miles and now I am at 20 miles! Coach Fon, is passionate, caring, patient and enthusiastic about triathlons. If you want a supportive and positive group and want to improve BIG TIME, Coach Fon is the one to go to.

Kacie Joe

My sons have been training with Coach Fon for 2 years now. Coach Fon goes above and beyond to do whatever she can (hold additional classes, take students on extra bike rides, has even held swim classes in her backyard) to prep my sons for Triathlon. My sons are in better shape and in general healthier being part of Katy Tri Club.



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